About the Series

In this series, a variety of movies are chosen and the story is told using simple language. This is suitable for beginners onwards and anyone who wants to listen to a story in Japanese.  Short movies are selected, in general, and they include both Japanese and foreign movies, and silent movies.  A wide range of genres will be covered from short films, animation, music videos and commercial promotion video etc.


The aim of this series is to provide learners with materials which are comprehensible.  To assist this, the story is told in three different modes; viewing of the story (movie), reading of the story (Script) and listening to the story (podcast).  Also, to check your comprehension of the story, Q+A sessions are embedded at the end of each episode.  Please make use of the Q+A sessions to check your understanding. 


I hope this series provides you with good language exercises while enjoying what is unfolding in the story.

Welcome to “Let’s Learn Japanese with Movies”!